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What are the steps from the appraisal of your property to its sale?

1 – The evaluation

Estimating the price of a property is never approximate: it requires the expertise of a real estate agent who is an expert in the sector and this is the case with the agency Alpesvente. Indeed, it is not only a question of multiplying an average price per square meter by the surface of your house or your apartment ...

Maybe you already asked yourself:

How do we fix the price of a property?

What are the criteria that come into play in establishing the amount?

Of course, the average price per square meter of the city where you live is taken into account, as well as the size of the estimated property. But this equation is only one of the elements that establish the sale price. There are other criteria to consider.

We all have an emotional value for our house or apartment for its location, its large garden or its bright living room. We also have a lot of our memories there. It is this emotional value that can make it less objective when it comes to fixing the value of one's home. However, it is an objective estimate that will allow you to sell in the best conditions. Indeed, determining the value of a property is a perilous exercise. We often tend to believe that it is easy and that it is enough to refer to the sale price of the property of your neighbour...

At Alpesvente we carry out a comparative market study. This rigorous method is based on our knowledge of the sector and allows you to compare your property with those which have been sold or estimated recently or which are still currently for sale and also makes it possible to highlight the advantages of your property.

This valuable opinion and the expertise of your Alpesvente agent will allow you to have all the information necessary to carefully define the best price for sale.

In no case can a property be valued remotely so make an appointment with an Alpesvente advisor at

2 – Transmission of the value notice

Following our appraisal meeting, we have worked on the valuation of your property with all the elements mentioned in the previous paragraph. You, therefore, receive a complete file of ten pages with the estimated price. If you accept the marketing of your property with our agency, we then offer you the signing of the mandate. We do not sign overpriced mandates. We prefer to display a fair price corresponding to the market and without too much negotiation, rather than a price too high because in the end, the property will sell for less than the initial estimate.


3- Signature of mandate (contract)

Different types of mandates exist (the simple one which authorizes you to market your property in several agencies, the semi-exclusive which allows you to try to sell it by yourself and which allows us to market your property and the exclusive which authorizes only the real estate agency to sell the property). We systematically advocate the exclusive mandate for several reasons:


By choosing the exclusive mandate here is what we offer you:

•      Professional photos and 360 ° photos for a virtual visit

  • • Systematic display on our windows, in A3 format

  • • TV screen dynamic display with presentation film of the property

  • • Delegation to our French and foreign colleagues

  • • Sale sign (according to your choice)• Geolocation of your property

  • • Advertising on our site, FNAIM, “Maisons et Appartements” and Byzerpro

  • • Gateway with 30 other websites like top announcements, super announced etc.

  • • Redemption of the costs that you may have incurred on the Bon Coin and dissemination on the site

  • • Posting on international sites: Rightmove, Zoopla, French property links,, Green Acres

  • • Facebook posting

  • • Posting on youtube


4- Professional photos and writing of the advertisement for the marketing of the property

As soon as the mandate is signed, our team takes care of coming to your home to take professional photos, the 360 ​​° virtual visit (only for exclusive mandates) and to write the advertisement for marketing on the various websites. The agency sets up an adapted, effective communication in the interest of the seller with an annual budget of around 29,000 € for the different advertising media used: Your property will be present on different French and foreign websites, social networks, magazine press, flyers. A sign can also be put up on your property if you authorize us to do so.

5- The visits

As soon as the advertisement for your property is created, we will contact our customers who are looking for a property like yours and set up appointments for visits. We are an independent agency with indigenous people from across the country which provides a network of extensive knowledge. After each visit, we send you a written report and each month history of the property which lists customer requests, the publicity that was made, offers to buy, etc. To control our work, we have subscribed to a customer opinion service certified "Opinion System", our satisfaction rate is 94% with nearly 200 reviews posted!

6- An offer is made to buy your property, what is going on?

A buyer makes an offer to buy your property, we submit it to you. Once the purchase price is suitable for both parties, we take care of writing a draft sales agreement until its validation and signature. The authentic act, on the other hand, will be drawn up by the notary and signed in his office. We support you until the end of the transaction and we also support the buyer in his financing plan with the help of a broker if necessary.

7- The signing of the deed at the notary

After the withdrawal period of 10 days after the signing of the sales agreement, the buyer can start to make arrangements for his loan request if necessary. It generally takes 3 months between the offer to purchase and the signing of the deed (2 months if the buyer does not take out a loan).

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