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Do you want to make a rental investment and then consider renting furnished accommodation year-round?

  • You just bought a property and want to rent it out for the year
  • You are looking for a property to rent to accommodate you

What are the conditions, characteristics and advantages for the lessor and the tenant for renting a property for the year in furnished accommodation?

Conditions for renting a furnished apartment

For the prospective tenant, the rules are the same as those he would face when looking for empty rented accommodation. It should, however, be specified that the rent of a furnished accommodation is on average 15 to 30% more expensive than that of an empty rented accommodation (unless the accommodation is located in a dense area where the is not fixed freely). Thus, the lessor will probably be more demanding as to the income received by his future tenant.

For the lessor, on the other hand, the conditions for renting a furnished apartment are very different from those for rented empty accommodation. Indeed, who says furnished accommodation, says furniture. The rules have been set in this area by a decree (n ° 2015-981 of July 31, 2015) which provides a precise list of what must be included in the premises made available, as soon as it is used for the main residence. There are the following elements:

  • Bedding including duvet or blanket;
  • in rooms intended to be used as a bedroom
  • Cooking plates
  • A traditional oven or microwave
  • A refrigerator with freezer or ice compartment (with temperature less than or equal to -6 ° C)
  • Crockery and kitchen utensils
  • A table and seats
  • Storage shelves and light fixtures
  • Maintenance equipment (broom, vacuum cleaner, bucket, etc.)

If the accommodation does not contain these elements, the lease may then be reclassified, after the tenant has entered the premises, into a housing lease relating to empty rented premises. However, this possibility remains at the discretion of the district court.

Good to know: to meet the conditions of decency, the accommodation provided must be at least 9m2. It must also comply with certain regulatory standards (water point, room ventilation, etc.).

 In this article, we specify that it is for the tenant of the main residence


The rental then depends on articles 25-3 and following of the law n° 89-462 of July 6, 1989.

Among its main features:

- A contract duration reduced to one year instead of three years against empty rental accommodation (this duration being further reduced to 9 months in the case of the rental to a student)

    - A reduction in the length of notice required in the event of the tenant's departure (reduced to one month instead of three).
The lessor may give notice to his tenant annually subject to a notice period reduced to three months (compared to six months in the context of a housing lease relating to an empty rental unit).

Advantages of furnished rentals

In addition to a reduced rental period, the main advantages are as follows:

  • A larger security deposit (fixed at two months' rent excluding charges against one month in the context of a lease of the main residence for empty rented premises) for the benefit of the lessor.
  • Greater flexibility of leave - with a reduced deadline for both the tenant and the lessor (always for the lease granted only as a principal residence). The reason for leave for sale does not give the tenant the right of first refusal (priority), simplifying the procedure for the benefit of the lessor.
  • For the lessor: the rent is more important than that of an empty rented accommodation. This point is valid for both a primary and secondary residence lease.

Last but not least, the rents received for furnished rentals (main dwelling, but also secondary or seasonal - tourist) as a non-professional rental company is subject to the IRPP (personal income tax) in the category of industrial and commercial profits (BIC). The tax burden is therefore reduced on this type of income and the profitability of the property is much higher.



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